Conteno Smart PET bottling plants | PET
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PET has some outstanding ecological advantages in the debate about the sustainability of different types of packaging materials – from preventing food waste to being fully recyclable, light, robust, flexible and easy to transport.


The 4 main advantages of PET are:

  • PET is safe and non-toxic
  • PET reduces carbon footprint
  • PET is fully recyclable
  • PET is an extremely strong material and protects your liquid


The advantages of PET preform use are numerous for your company:

  • Reduction of transport and logistics costs
  • More flexibility on your production process
  • On the spot production of your bottle needs
  • PET preforms are commonly available


It is clear that a PET can be replaced by a preform composed out of PP, PE or biodegradable material. Till today, PET has some major technical advantages and is cost-effective.

We build your smart PET bottling plants –
For low to medium speeds