Conteno Smart PET bottling plants | FOR SALE 1 containerised PET bottling plant
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ContenO has a fully operational containerized bottling plant now available for sale.

The containerized PET bottling plant incorporates a stretch blow molding machine to produce plastic bottles from PET preforms, followed by a filling and closing machine, a check weigher, a wrap around labeling machine, a laser coding system and a bottle buffer table.


The bottling unit is extremely clean due to its containerized concept.

All bottling operations are automatic and built inside 2 containers 40ft, which are seamlessly connected during operation.

The PET BOTTLING CONTAINER is a flexible system, allowing different liquids and different bottle sizes.
The unit is compact and has high accessibility to all its important sections, facilitating maintenance. The unit has remote control and monitoring capability.


Main data

Bottle volume: from 0.2 to 2.25 liters
Bottle type: shaped or cylindrical
Max. output: 3000 bottles per hour
Blower # molds: 2
Camera inspection for bottle: Presco
Filler, flowmeter: E&H dosimag, 6 valves
Capper, screw caps: Rotary, 4 heads
Check Weighter: Mettler Toledo
Vision labels-product: Cognex
Labeling, wrap around OPP: Gernep & stations
Laser coding: Domino
Total installed machine power: 220 kw
Dimensions: 2 containers 40ft

Suitable markets

  • Household & cosmetics:  liquid soap, bubble bath, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, baby oil, lotions, massage oil,…
  • Food: vegetable oil, edible oil, vinegar, honey.
  • Chemicals:  engine oil, lubricants, brake fluid, car cleaning products, anti-freeze coolant, plant protecting agents, liquid plant fertilizer, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, disinfectant, soap, floor cleaning agent, washing liquid, liquid washing agent,…
  • Beverage:  water, flavored water, fresh fruit juice without pulp, syrup, alcoholic drinks, wine, fresh milk,…

Complete factory in 2 containers:

the ‘plug-and-play’ bottling container

Equipment from right to left:

  1. Utilities room (compressed air + chiller)
  2. Pet stretch bottle blowing
  3. Bottle seal camera inspection
  4. Filler: 6 valves flowmeter
  5. Capper: 4 heads rotary screw caps
  6. Check weighting
  7. Labeling: wrap around OPP
8.  Label production vision system
9.  Laser coding
10.  Accumulation table for bottles
11.  Fire protection sprinklers
12.  HMI (human interface)
13.  Remote data access

Technical room with air compressors





Download the PDF presentation, here